2017 Interior Trends

With 2017 well under way and having visited a few of the trade shows and seen the new collections it seems an appropriate time to look at what we can expect to see in interiors this year.


A kitchen is a significant investment in any property, whatever your budget it will likely be one of the most expensive elements of a renovation project.  In light of this neutral kitchens are always popular and this trend looks set to stay for 2017 but this is being combined with new textures and finishes in counter tops and ironmongery to add extra dimensions to designs.

Image source: bluetea.com.au, savvyhomeblog.com, stinemos.blogspot.ae

For those who are a little braver then how about blue, green or black in the kitchen?  The addition of these bold colours in the kitchen is growing increasingly popular in both town and country design projects.  These colours add an extra wow factor in the kitchen for those looking to make a statement, and the combination of textures and colours is also a trend which looks set to continue in 2017. 


Image source: stylecaster.com,omniweb.altervista.org, devolkitchens.co.uk, madaboutthehouse.com, nakedkitchens.com, leibal.com

Herringbone Detailing 

We've been a fan of the herringbone and chevron detailing for some time but according to Houzz at the Surface Design Show this year this is something that is growing increasingly popular as a way of of giving a new twist on popular materials on both walls and floors.  Here are some of our favourite examples of this trend.

Image source: classicparquet.co.uk, smittenstudiosonline.com, designsalvation.tumblr.com, houzz.co.uk, oohm.co.au, MDEM, gregnatale.com, element7.co.uk


Copper was the big trend last year and whilst this will no doubt still play it's part in 2017 we are looking at other options.  Brass is making a comeback together with oxidised metals adding additional warmth to both interiors and exteriors.  We can see these metallic finishes filtering into lighting, ironmongery, kitchens, bathrooms and furniture design. These tones work particularly with the jewel tones of the blue and green that are growing popular in kitchens at the moment.

Image source: naketkitchens.co.uk, hellodwell.com, flos.com, humphreymunson.co.uk, plumen.com, focusdamnit.tumblr.com, sustainablekitchens.co.uk, projectorange.com

Sustainability and Durability 

There is a push in design to incorporate the use of more sustainable and durable materials in both furniture and bathroom and kitchen design. This is filtering its way through to the high street as we can see the introduction of more concrete, cork and plywood into furniture and home accessories.  These items by the nature of their materials are less fussy, designed for good wear and tear and consequently much more durable and sustainable in the modern home.

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